A Childs Feeding Fund


A Childs Feeding Fund

A Child’s Feeding Fund was founded in 2011 by like-minded Individuals with over four decades experience in nonprofit services that provide relief and aid to reduce human sufferings as a result of hunger, poverty, disease, war, natural disaster and other circumstances creating widespread human need under the umbrella of transparency, program impact and fiscal accountability.

In its five years of operations A Child’s Feeding Fund was able to re-distribute over 4,000,000 pounds of food to needy people in Arizona and Northern Mexico. The Organization provided nourishment for families and individuals in need and supported feeding programs through direct contributions to like-minded Organizations in the United States and Internationally. This support was provided through both direct client contact and by participating with other Organizations through Food Rescue programs. Food rescue programs network with churches and other civic organizations and agents to host weekly events that provide semi-truck loads of nutritious produce to be distributed to help those in need. Without this distribution network rescuing food, high quality, and nutritious produce would be destined for the landfill. A Childs Feeding Fund

As a direct result of these accomplishments A Child’s Feeding Fund was accepted into the Combined Federated Campaign (CFC) workplace campaign. Participation is only extended to those charities after a rigorous annual accreditation process designed to ensure compliance with high standards of stewardship, accountability and transparency.

With the additional support of the CFC the Board of Directors is looking forward A Childs Feeding Fundto expanding not only our network of feeding programs but also to include projects for malnurished children in third-world countries suffering from disease.

A Child’s Feeding Fund is wholly volunteer run and have an actual overhead of less than 1%. That ensures most of our resources and donations go directly to those most in need. With the funds from CFC and your help we will get this goods to those in need and pledge to you 99 cents of every dollar you donate will go directly to transporting those goods to these people most in need.